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Ambassador Model I Client : Laag1 Industry: Glassfiber Products Vertical: Business 2 Business [resellers] Target: Salesproces optimalisation Mechanism: Implemeting a purpose driven Local Sales Team in combination with a online store and proffesional peer to peer support community Revenue Streams: A. Affiliate Resellers B. SEO > Online Store [independent service technicians]

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The Rockstar Pensionados Pension Plan is not a myth!

How RSP Secure their Financial Future! A Pension plan has traditionally been one of the most common ways for people all over the world today to create a financially secure future. At the same time, it has become more difficult to motivate younger generations to save for retirement. A pension is a guaranteed income paid… Read More »The Rockstar Pensionados Pension Plan is not a myth!

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How To Determine Your Ideal Customer?

Starting your own company can be one of the most challenging things you will ever accomplish in your life. Most individuals don’t even bother because this equation has so many moving parts. Whatever business plan you have, the only thing that will convert your firm into a business is paying customers. That is, satisfied customers.… Read More »How To Determine Your Ideal Customer?

A Book, The Cornerstone of Your Personal Brand
Copy Writing

A Book, The Cornerstone of Your Personal Brand

Introduction: Why Books are so Important for Your Brand’s Success The ‘social media’ industry is steadily growing each year. As the number of people who use social media services such as Facebook and Twitter grows, so does the avenue for marketing professionals to reach their audiences. One form of social media marketing that has been… Read More »A Book, The Cornerstone of Your Personal Brand

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Sales Psychology

Selling your product to the right customer is key. But selling is much more than getting the numbers right and making your financial plans fit into reality. Selling is highly dependent on soft skills like knowing the mental processes that involve human decision-making. Economics is a science that belongs to the category of the humanities… Read More »Sales Psychology