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Video Creation

Why is Video the Most Effective Type of Content?

A business that doesn’t use video in its marketing strategy misses numerous possibilities to engage with its audience. People love to watch videos, and it is the preferred type of media over text. So if you have been blogging and are looking for a new way to expand the reach of your message, it might be wise to look into the possibility to start posting your message in the form of video. The best way to organize your video content is to post it on youtube as this will – over time – become your business library of specialized content on your topic for your niche. Youtube is the second largest search engine and hosting your videos on youtube.

Dog Story

Here is an example of how this can work: Let’s say you are selling dog food and you have a webpage about your company with a few product descriptions. You could also add a little video to your website where you talk about what makes your product special, perhaps telling a little “dog story.” Next, you could create a youtube account (you don’t have to have a verified account) and upload all the videos from your website. Then, copy/paste the URL of each youtube video (it looks like this: ) into google and see what comes up. Therefore, your video will get indexed by Google, which will improve your organic search results. Another often overlooked advantage of posting your video content on Youtube is that it is still free of charge.

Some tips For Succesful Video Production

Here are some tips to get started with video marketing: – Create a Video that will bring value to people (people don’t watch videos just to watch videos). In addition, when your video gets shared on Facebook, google+, Pinterest, or Twitter, it is visible to a vast audience. You can easily reach more than 100,000 views per day. This kind of reach can be very effective in increasing your business visibility since it is a search engine, and people tend to click on the first result on their search query. The other option is to create a Facebook Page for the brand and then run campaigns that target that audience on Facebook with your video content.

What The Surveys Show

The latest survey shows that over 50% of internet users want video content. So, if you have a product or service, you can record valuable information about it. Then you have something worth sharing. Don’t forget to include your logo and a watermark. It’s also important to be consistent. Create high-quality video content as much as possible and publish it frequently. This will increase your engagement with your target audience. If you want to create a video, try to give a short answer to this question: What problem does my product or service solve? If you have trouble answering this question, you might have to make a few more assumptions before you start working on your video.

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, global IP traffic will grow 50% every year, and by 2019, there will be 200 million Internet-connected devices, and nearly 40% of them will be video-enabled. That same survey shows that, on average, people spend about thirty minutes a day watching online videos. – Don’t try to be funny, be funny. No matter what you’re doing, people won’t laugh if you try to be funny. – Keep it short; no one has time to sit through a long video. – Make it worth it! Make sure that your video is worth the time of the viewer. Think about what your video will get people to do.


In conclusion, creating a youtube channel is free, and it only takes minutes. Once you are on the channel, you can start posting your own videos, perhaps about your business or other related topics. There are already more than 2 billion videos on youtube. People love to watch them. So the possibilities for your business are endless. To sum it up, here are some advantages of using video in your marketing strategy: – Videos get indexed by google, improving your organic search results. – When your video gets shared on Facebook, google+, Pinterest, or Twitter, it is visible to a huge audience. – Videos have an 83% higher engagement rate than text. – People love to watch videos, and it is the preferred type of media over text. – Video grabs attention more than any other form of marketing. – Videos have an average duration of 4 minutes and 42 seconds. This means you have about 12 minutes and 42 seconds of undivided attention from your viewer when they watch your video. It’s like having a free billboard alongside the road.

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